Collett 2-8-8T Class 72xx Freight Pack


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  • Product code: R3670
  • Brand: Hornby
  • Product code: R3670
  • Scale: 00
  • Type: Steam Locomotives
  • Livery: Late BR, Plain Black
  • Era:
  • Running Number:
  • Class:
  • DCC Status: DCC Ready
  • DCC Socket:
  • DCC Chip:
  • RRP: £194.99
  • Release date: 0
  • Motor:
  • Wheel Arrangement:
  • Couplings:
  • Paint Finish:
  • Purpose: Freight
  • Designer:
  • Size:
  • Weight:

Contents: Collett 2-8-2T Class 72xx No. 7224, with late BR emblem 3-plank Wagon No. 337 'Granomc' 7-plank Wagon No. 3262 'Cory Brothers & Co' 6-plank Wagon No.106 'Corker & Bevan'    This train pack is representative of a mineral freight train operating in South and Mid-Wales during the late 1950s. A rebuild from the original Class 52xx built to Lot 233 in 1925/26, Class 72xx locomotive no. 7224 was rebuilt in November 1935 at Swindon. Its British Rail allocation was varied, spending spells at 86E Severn Tunnel Junction, 87D Swansea East Dock, 87F Llanelly, 87E Landore, 86J Aberdare, 83C Exeter and 86A Ebbw Junction (Newport), from where it was withdrawn in December 1962.




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